April 6, 2017

The Importance of Etsy SEO: How to Get More Link Equity and Increase Your Sales

Discover how to get more link equity and increase your Etsy sales! Get all important information related to Etsy SEO!

The online marketing just got better and super convenient for all Etsy users. According to the latest information, it has been announced that all sellers on Etsy will get more link equity directly to their shops from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Before, all these search engines didn’t like how URLs were structured. But, once Etsy has created clean URLS, the search engines agreed that now they can index much simpler. With the huge amount of users, visitors, and links that Etsy has at this moment, the search engines will crawl sellers’ sites more often than most websites and also provide a better organic traffic and ranking.

From this point, we can say that Etsy SEO has moved on another level and it is up to you to take advantage.



What Does This Mean for Etsy Sellers

The link equity is going to benefit the Etsy sellers, but how exactly?

The link equity means better URLs and better URLs automatically mean more traffic. The search engines crawlers can now navigate through the sellers’ sites better and this can help sellers improve their online score and ranking.

In other words – the more links a certain seller have pointed at its website and better its keywords, tags, and meta descriptions are, the better its website (or Etsy shop) is going to show up. With an increased exposure of the Etsy shop, the seller can expect increased traffic, more customers, and more profit at the same time.

There are a lot of questions that have arisen, once the search engines announced the link equity. One of the main questions that a lot of sellers are asking and are interested to find out is whether or not they have anything to do with this. The answer is no, as Etsy is making all the necessary changes based on users’ needs. Etsy is making this online platform as convenient as possible for both sellers and users.

The only thing that sellers can do is to improve their Etsy SEO if they want to experience the real benefits of SEO and link equity. For starters, the sellers can outsource an experienced SEO writer and ask the writer to write SEO articles for their products and Etsy shop. It is recommendable for each seller to have its own blog where he or she can publish these articles. The SEO articles can link directly to the Etsy shop. This is proven to be a very effective strategy and one of the best marketing tips to use if you want to attract new customers and promote your Etsy shop and products. Share your vision with the SEO writer and ask the writer to provide you with some creative ideas as well. You can write about your shop, what does your shop offers, your products, the quality of your products, how you make your products, what kind of supplies your use, your holiday promotions, and etc.

A Final Word

Etsy experts advise that all sellers should keep adding new products to their Etsy shop, add suitable descriptions about their products (with all information and details included), add proper keywords and tags (make sure to use all 14 keywords and tags available) and have fun while selling your handmade creations on Etsy!

Etsy is a great platform to sell your handmade crafts and with a great SEO promotion, you can easily become a successful Etsy seller!